Communal Cremation

This option maintains a high level of dignity at a modest cost. Your pet is cremated with other pets and the cremains are scattered in our memorial pond or on our cemetery property.  Pet owners who elect this type of cremation are free to visit at any time to honor the memory of their pet.
Cremation Services

Because we care, we want to assist you in making certain that your beloved friend has a dignified final resting place. We assure you that your very special family member will be handled in a gentle and loving manner.  We invite each family to be as involved in the cremation process as they wish.  For example, some families wish to view their pet being placed in the crematory or wish to actually place them in.  We are here to accommodate the pet owners wishes.

Individual Cremation

Those pet owners who choose individual cremation can have the cremains of their pet returned as early as the same day.  A certificate of cremation is issued with every individual cremation.


Formal burial is arranged for much in the same way that one would arrange for the burial of a human member of the family.  Burial arrangements can be made by telephoning our business office at (219) 663-6750 or by visiting the cemetery. Your beloved pet will be treated with the utmost dignity and care.

Funerals & Viewing

For those who wish to be present for their petís burial, a funeral can be tailored to meet your specific needs.  A typical funeral includes viewing your pet in our private family room where you can say your final good-byes and just be together.  Some families invite their friends to help them celebrate the life of their pet.  Although viewing your pet is not required, it can help the grieving process for many.  Pastoral services are also available if desired.  Please inquire for further details.

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