Q: Why cremation?
A: Some people choose not to bury their pets as they may live in an apartment or a community with strict covenants. Cremation is the most environmentally friendly means of dealing with a deceased pet, providing the owner with an eternal memento of their lives together.

Q: Do you cremate any pet?
A: Yes. At Burns Pets Remembered we realize that "pets" include more than just dogs and cats. We cremate all pets from pythons to pot-bellied pigs, and boa constrictors to billy goats. No pet is too small either. We accept birds, mice, rabbits, ferrets, and iguanas as well.

Q: Where can I scatter the ashes?
A: Cremated remains can be scattered or buried almost anywhere (private property requires the ownerís permission). It is common to scatter the ashes in a place that was a favorite of your pet or buried with a rose or tree planted over them. The ashes are environmentally friendly and sterile.  Many pet families have also scattered on our cemetery property.

Q: How do I know I am getting my own pet back?
A: Burns Pets Remembered has its own state of the art crematorium. You may come and observe the placement of your pet into the crematorium. We have a system of checks and balances by which we keep track of your pet. Whether your pet is picked up at your veterinarian's clinic or at your home, there is an authorization form filled out and an identification tag placed on your pet before we leave. At the crematorium your pet is given a cremation identification number on a metal disc. This disc is kept with your pet throughout the cremation process and stays with the cremains when returned to the family.

Q: Can I put toys with my pet?
A: Yes, you may place toys, letters, pictures most anything of this nature with your pet that makes you feel comfortable. The exceptions are anything metal or a toy with batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions
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